Sometimes a group class doesn't meet your needs. Looking to focus your personal practice? Want specific details on creating a practice that fits your lifestyle and your health goals? Working with a specific condition and looking for more holistic and gentle ways to move deeper into your practice?  
One-on-one sessions are tailored especially for you!


An Ayurvedic health assessment determines your body constitution (prakruti) and imbalances (vikruti). Based on this assessment, specific dietary and lifestyle counseling and traditional treatments are recommended, as well as integrative yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation instruction.



Restorative Yoga allows you to ease your heart, reduce stress and promote healing on all levels.  In this session you will be guided into a short relaxing sequence of poses where your body is completely supported by bolsters and blankets.  Combined with Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), which is the deepest state of relaxation combined with a slight trace of awareness, this session is designed to help you relax and recharge so you feel full of energy and free of stress.



Integrative Yoga Private Session is uniquely designed to address individual goals (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) with the intention of  establishing a personal home practice.  Integrative Yoga Session incorporates yoga postures with hands-on assists, restorative and specifically targeted healing yoga practices. If you are working with pain management, fatigue, sleeplessness or any condition, this type of yoga can be incredibly healing and empowering.  This includes a deep assessment of your health, your constitution and imbalances.