Tarot is a mirror.  It reflects back who you are.  It shows you your strengths and weaknesses.  It makes you confront decisions you have made in the past, your attitude, both good and bad, and how these components affected your life.  Tarot helps you tap into your unconscious knowledge, raise it to the surface of your conscious mind, and access otherwise latent information - in either the subconscious, personal unconscious, or even collective unconscious - to help provide insight into the most clear outcomes of your contemplated actions.



One-card readings strike at the heart of the matter. A specific question can be answered with one-card reading. The card drawn also raises attention to particular issues, energies, or conditions that are pertinent and should be paid attention to, regardless of what the answer is.


This spread is short and sweet.  Informing the Seeker of the present situation, past influences on the present, and the most likely future outcome.  The cards are drawn following a selection of the signifier card to identify the Seeker and First Operation.



The Celtic Cross spread uses 10 cards that represent: The Heart of the Matter, Obstacles Faced, Foundation or Roots, Past Influences, Higher Issues to be Considered, Most Likely Future Outcome, The SELF, Your Position, Your Hopes and Fears and the Result of the Combined Forces of All Cards.